The Elven Ghost

Perchance an instance of luck struck the party. Whilst adventuring toward the land of the Elves, they fell into an abandoned fortress. After fighting off a field of undead monsters, the party encountered the ghost of Athaneal, a great Elven warrior from a bygone era when elves and their stories were not forbidden knowledge but the discussion of all of those throughout the land. 

Thaddeus, our paladin and brave protector and Defeater of the Damned, fought valiantly against the Millistreial, Elven Protector of the Western Hold Athaneal, but died quickly and painfully. 

Thaddeus, ever vigilant against the clutches of Death, knowing His ways and possessing knowledge as to how to aptly "deal" with death, bargained and became — in exchange for a life of servitude, but a life nonetheless — The Hand of Death, Nargopsthros in the Olde Tongue. 

Upon resurrection, Wrath the Wizard and Nargopsthros realized that Athaneal held knowledge that was key to discovering the history of the staff that Wrath gained from the entrance into the Labyrinth which led the party to Underelm in the first place. 


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