Elm is a land of peace, for a season and war for many others.

History of Elm

The Great Summoning

Before the ages of Dwarves, Men, Orcs and even before the Elves, powerful beings wandered the realm. These beings, being lonely and powerful in the creative aspects of magic each took a jurisdiction and created therein. Thus, the inhabitants of Elm were born.

The First War

The first war broke out between the Elves and the Dwarves when the Dwarves realized that the majority of the Elves had moved swiftly and silently across the surface of Elm, creating the first Elven Empire, Minestroaus First. King Thorandil of the Elves was a great warrior and an even better adminstrator and still better a rogue and thief. Quickly and quietly he trained Elves in the manner of silently settling, biding time and finally establishing strong footholds. Within short decades, the Dwarves were the subservient folk simply because the land math did not equate. Whoever had the most land, in those days, had the most power. 

Not to be dissuaded, King Morgue Understone — High King of the Dwarves, Gladius of the Stonewall Guild, Force of the Natural Ones, and Chief Miner Amongst Miners — established a kingdom under the stone. Underelm was born! 

Understone Rising

Morgue Understone Hard of Heart and Hard of Hearing, like all those of his noble race, was born deep under the mountains of Elm




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